Buckie Thistle U20's

Fixture's & Results:

Jags Hotshots

Leading goalscorers- League/Cups -

Scott Adams       3

Andy MacAskill   2

Kevin Fraser       1

Max Barry           1

Jack Murray        1

Sam Urquhart     1

Adam MacLeod   1

Local Junior Football News

For those interested in watching more football You can also watch some Jags players playing for Buckie Rovers at Merson park and Portgordon Victoria  in Portgordon

Both clubs have close ties to the jags with players being farmed out on loan to the clubs and  also local Jags players starting their career playing for both clubs

Buckie Rovers play at Merson park Buckie and Portgordon is just a couple of minutes  drive from Buckie

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BTSC archive Seasons 2016-17onwards

Buckie Thistle 

SHFL Fixtures 2016/17

League -Scottish Cup-League Cup






Buckie Scorers

 Sat 30/07/16

Buckie Thistle v Clachnacuddin  



 J McLeod(2)C McLean,A Low

 Sat  06/08/16 

Strathspey Thistle v Buckie Thistle



J McLeod (5),S Taylor,K Fraser,J Fraser,S Urquhart,                                                      

 Sat 13/08/16 

 Buckie Thistle v Fort William



 J McLeod,S Urquhart, D Copeland,C Angus

 Sat 20/08/16

Nairn County v BuckieThistle



 C Angus(3) ,J McLeod,S Taylor, C Dorrat, S Urquhart(2)

 Sat 27/08/16

Buckie Thistle v ForresMechanics



 J McLeod(2) S Urquhart1


Cove Rangers v BuckieThistle



 C Angus(2), J Cheyne

 Sat 03/09/16

Rothes v Buckie Thistle



 CAngus (2) J Cheyne,S Urquhart, J McLeod(2)


 Buckie Thistle v TurriffUtd



 J McLeod(2) S Urquhart, C Angus


 Lossiemouth v BuckieThistle



 J McLeod,C Dorrat,H Munro,K Fraser,L MacKinnon.

 Sat 17/09/16

 Buckie Thistle v Huntly



 C Angus(4) K Fraser(2) H Munro 1

 Sat 24/09/16

 Scottish  Cup 1st Rd-



 K Fraser(2), S Urquhart(2)C Murray,C Dorrat






 Sat 01/10/16

 Inverurie Locos v BuckieThistle



 K Fraser


 Buckie Thistle v Brora Rangers



 J Mcleod(2) K Fraser,D Copeland,L MacKinnon

 Sat 08/10/16

 Deveronvale v BuckieThistle



 J McLeod(2)L MacKinnon(2)A Low (2)S Urquhart,STaylor,DV OG

 Sat 15/10/16

 Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh



 H Munro.

 Sat 22/10/16

Scottish Cup 2nd rd

Buckie Thistle v Gretna 2008



 J McLeod-replay 29-10-16

 Sat 29/10/16

 Gretna 2008 2 BuckieThistle 6



 J McLeod(5) C Dorrat (1)

 Sat 29/10/16

 Wick Academy v BuckieThistle



S Urquhart(2) Match played on Sat 11th March 17

 Sat 05/11/16

 Keith v Buckie Thistle




 Sat 12/11/16

 Buckie Thistle v Formartine Utd



 C Angus(2) J McLeod(1)

 Sat 19/11/16

 Clachnacudden v BuckieThistle



 J McLeod(2) L McKinnon,D Copeland,C Cowie

 Sat 26/11/16(P)

Sat 25/04-17

 Buckie Thistle v Strathspey Thistle



Title won, C Angus(4) J McLeod(3) K Fraser, S Taylor


Sat 26/11/16

Scottish Cup 2rd Rd

Buckie Thistle v Dunfermline Athletic



 J McLeod(1) C Angus (2)

 Sat 03/12/16

Fort William v BuckieThistle



 S Urquhart(3) J McLeod, Declan Milne

 Sat 10/12/16

 Buckie Thistle v Nairn County



 NC og, S Taylor

 Sat 17/12/16

 Forres Mechanics v Buckie Thistle



 J McLeod,S Urquhart

 Sat 24/12/16

 Buckie Thistle v Cove Rangers



 S Caroll

 Sat 31/12/16

 Buckie Thistle v Rothes



 S Urquhart,K Fraser,C Cowie

 Sat 07/01/17

 Turriff Utd v Buckie Thistle



 J McLeod.C  Angus

 Sat 14/01/17

 Buckie Thistle v Lossiemouth



 K Fraser(2)J McLeod. S Urquhart, D Copeland, OG

 Sat 21/01/17

 Huntly v Buckie Thistle 




 Sat 28/01/17

 Buckie Thistle v InverurieLocos



 S Carroll,OG,S Urquhart

 Sat 04/02/17

 Brora Rangers v BuckieThistle 



 S Urquhart

 Sat 11/02/17

 SHFL Breedon League cup 1st Rd

Buckie Thistle v Keith or Forres



 Buckie lose 4-2 on penalties

S Wood(2) C Dorrat ,J Mcleod

 Wed 12/04/17

 Fraserburgh v BuckieThistle



 J Mcleod(2)C Angus (2) L McKinnon

 Sat 11/03/17

See Wick v Buckie for details




 Sat 18/03/17

 Buckie Thistle v Wick Academy



 J Mcleod

 Sat 01/04/17

 Buckie Thistle v Keith



 J McLeod(2) C Angus,K Fraser,S Urquhart,L McKinnon

 Sat 08/04/17

 Buckie Thistle v Deveronvale



S Urquhart(2) K Fraser 

 Sat 15/04/17

Formartine Utd v BuckieThistle






SFL Play off 1st leg

Buckie Thistle v East Kilbride



C Angus,S Urquhart



SFL Play off 2nd Leg




 Aberdeenshire Cup/Sheild  fixtures 2016-17





 Wed 10/08/16    

 (AC) Keith Fc v Buckie Thistle Fc                               


  S Urquhart(2) J Mcleod(3)                                                        

 Wed 24/08/16

 (AC) Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh


 C Angus,S Wood

 Wed 12/10/16

 (AS) Banks of Dee v Buckie Thistle 


 S Urquhart,H Munro

Sat 5th Nov

(AC Final) Cove Rangers v Buckie Thistle


 Jags win on penalties, S Copeland, C Angus.



Players player of the year : Kevin Fraser
Young player of the year : Jay Cheyne 
Top Goal scorer : John McLeod
Banffshire Advertiser player of the year : Sam Urquhart 
BTSC player of the year : Sam Urquhart
BTSC Supporter of the year : Fochabers fan group
BTSC Young supporter of the year : Jordan Tallis 

A great night was held in the recently purchased Function Hall where Jamie Shewan presented the main awards and a buffet followed and to finish off the night a Disco was provided.

Scorers Season 16/17

Name L C Total
C Angus (po)1  23  3  27
A Low  3    3
K Fraser  13  2  15
D Milne-montrose loan 1   1
G Sim      
L MacKinnon  7    7
S Caroll  2    2
S Wood    3  3
I Macrae      
K Ross      
 C Cowie  2    2
S Urquhart(po) 1  22  5  28
J Fraser  1    1
J Cheyne  2    2
J Mcleod 33   12  46
A Skinner      
H Munro  3  4
 C Dorrat  2  3  5
S Taylor  5    5
R Scott      
C Mclean  1    1
R Salmond      
D Copeland  4  1  5
 C Murray    1  1

Buckie Thistle Fc

SHFL Fixtures 2017/18

SHF League -Scottish Cup-SFL League Cup,SFL Challenge Cup

SHFL League Cup,Aberdeenshire League Cup,Aberdeenshire Sheild


Date Fixture:Betfred SFL league cup Score BTFC Goal Scorers Team Lines
Sat 15th July Cowdenbeath v Buckie Thistle  4-2  C Dorrat D Copeland  
Tue 18th July Buckie Thistle v Dundee Utd  0-3    
Sat 22nd July Dundee Fc v Buckie Thistle  2-0    
Tue 25th July  Buckie Thistle Raith Rovers  1-6  J McLeod  
Date Fixture:SFL Challenge cup 1st rd      
Tue 15th Aug Buckie Thistle v Brechin City   2-1  K Fraser(2)  
Sat 2nd Sept Buckie Thistle v Dunfermline Ath  0-3    
Date Fixture: SHFL 2017-18 Score BTFC Goal Scorers  
Sat 29th July Buckie Thistle v Clachacudden  1-0  J McLeod  
Wed 2nd Aug Turriff Utd v Buckie Thistle  2-2  S Ross, L MacKinnon  
Sat 5th Aug Buckie Thistle v Nairn County  2-3  C Angus(2)  
Sat 12th Aug Wick Academy v Buckie Thistle  1-5  S Ross(2)S Urquhart,S Taylor, OG  
Sat 19th Aug Buckie Thistle v Formartine Utd  3-0  S Ross, C Angus,S Urquhart.  
Sat 26th Aug Keith  v Buckie Thistle  2-5  C Angus (4) J McLeod  
Wed 30th Aug Buckie Thistle v Rothes  3-0  S Urquhart,J McLeod,K Fraser  
Sat 2nd Sept(18-10) Cove Rangers v Buckie Thistle  7-1   C Angus  
Sat 9th Sept Brora Rangers v Buckie Thistle  3-0    
Wed 13th Sept Buckie Thistle v Huntly(RE Oct 4th)  4-1  C Dorrat(2) S Ross,J McLeod  
Sat 16th Sept Strathspey Thistle v Buckie Thistle  0-6  S Ross(3)J McLeod,R Anderson(2)  
Sat 23rd Sept Scottish cup 1st rd (BTFC in 2nd rd)  NA  NA  
Sat 30th Sept Buckie Thistle v Fort William  5-0  J McLeod(2) S Ross 1, C Murray,OG  
Sat 7th Oct Inverurie Locos v Buckie Thistle  3-0    
Sat 14th Oct Buckie Thistle  v BSC Glasgow,Scottish cup 2nd Rd  6-2  J McLeod(3) S Ross 1,C Angus1,S Carrol 1  
Sat 21st Oct Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh  4-1  S Ross(2) CAngus,L MacKinnon  
Wed 25th Oct Forres Mechanics v Buckie Thistle  1-0  Pld 17/3/18  
Sat 28th Oct Buckie Thistle v Deveronvale  2-3  S Ross.S Carrol  

Sat 4th Nov

Lossiemouth v Buckie Thistle (Wed 8th Nov)RA  0-3  SRoss.J McLeod. S Carrol  
Sat 11th Nov Clachnacudden v Buckie Thistle  1-1  J Cheyne  
Sat 18th Nov

SHFL-BuckieThistle v Turriff Utd(cancelled)

Scottish Cup 3 Rd

Buckie Thistle v Brechin City

 2-3  J McLeod(2)  
Sat 25th Nov Nairn County v Buckie Thistle  4-1  J McLeod  
Sat 2nd Dec Buckie Thistle v Wick Academy  1-3  Pld 3/2/18.S Taylor  
Sat 9th Dec Formartine Utd v Buckie Thistle  5-0  Pld 11-04-18  
Sat 16th Dec Buckie Thistle v Keith Fc  4-1  S Carrol(2)C Dorratt (1) S Robertson  
Sat 23rd Dec Rothes Fc v Buckie Thistle   0-4  S Carroll(2)R Anderson,J Cheyne  
Sat 30th Dec Buckie Thistle v Cove Rangers  0-2    
Sat 6th Jan Buckie Thistle v Brora Rangers  2-2  J Cheyne,A Macaskill.  
Sat 13th Jan Huntly v Buckie Thistle  1-2  A MaKaskill,S Robertson  
Sat 20th Jan

Buckie Thistle v Strathspey Thistle

 1-2  D Milne (PldWed Feb 24th)  
Sat 27th Jan Fort William v Buckie Thistle  0-7  D Milne(3) S Ross(2) A MacAskill, OG  
Sat 3rd Feb Buckie Thistle v Inverurie Locos  1-3  A MacAskill( Pld sat 27th Feb)  
Sat 10th Feb

SHFL League Cup 1st Rd

Buckie Thistle v Keith

Sat 17th Feb Fraserburgh v Buckie Thistle  2-2  S Caroll, S Ross  
Sat 24th Feb SHFL League Cup 2nd Rd(TBA)  na    
Sat 3rd Mar Buckie Thistle v Forres Mechanics  1-1  S Ross, (Pld 31-03-18)  
Sat 10th Mar SHFL League Cup Semi finals  na    
Sat 17th Mar  Pick up fixture      
Sat 24th Mar  Deveronvale v Buckie Thistle  2-1  K Ross  
Sat 31st Mar  SHFL League Cup final  na    
Sat 7th April Pick up Fixture-TBA      
Sat 14th April Buckie Thistle v Lossiemouth  6-0  S Ross 2,A MacAskill (2) D Milne,J Cheyne  
Sat 21st April SHFL/SLFL Play off 1st Leg      
Sat 28th April SHFL/SLFL Play off 2nd Leg      
  Aberdeenshire cup 1st Rd      
 Wed 6th Sept Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh  0-2    
  Aberdeenshire Sheild 1st Rd      
 Wed 6th Dec Deveronvale  Buckie Thistle   3-0    

NameLCTotalC Angus (Left)Dec17( 6 4 10) A Macaskill (6  6)K Fraser (1 2 3)D Milne (5  5)L MacKinnon (2  2)S Caroll(7 1 8)S Wood   K Ross (1 1 1) C Cowie   S Urquhart (3 3)  S Ross (19 1 20)J Cheyne (4  4)J Mcleod (9 6 15)A Skinner   H Munro   R Anderson(3 3 )C Dorrat (314)S Taylor (2  2)  Maitland    C Mclean   R Salmond(Left)Dec17   D Copland (11)K Ross    C Murray (1  1)S Robertson(loan from cove) (2)  K Adams   D Bell  

Season 17 -18 has now ended for Buckie Thistle,Thanks to all supporters who travelled on our bus/buses to away games and we hope to see you all in season18-19.

Player of the year Awards 2018

  Players Player of year: Stevie Ross

Young Player of year: Declan Milne

Top Goalscorer: Stevie Ross

Banffshire Advertiser player of year: Ceiran Mclean

Thistle Review Player of year: Stevie Ross

BTSC Player of year: Daniel Bell

BTSC Supporters of year: Portgordon Jags Fans

BTSC Junior Supporter of year: Lucy Murray & Joshua Bulla

Special awards were given to James Geddes for his 17 years service as groundsman and to Easton Thain for his 25 years service to the Club..





Latest News
SPFL Trust Trophy.
Buckie Thistle have been drawn away to league newcomers Brechin City in the 1st round of the SPFL Trust Trophy with tie played 10th August,the winners will be away to ICT in the 2nd round.
Match and Results Info


Match Result

Highland League

Saturday 24th July

Buckie Thistle 5-0 Lossiemouth


Match Result

Highland League

Saturday 31st July

Turriff Utd 0-4 Buckie Thistle


Next Match

Aberdeenshire Cup 1st Rd

Wednesday 4th August

Buckie Thistle v Formartine Utd


Next Match

Highland League

Saturday 7th August

Buckie Thistle v Keith


Next Match

SPFL Trophy 1st Round

Wednesday 11th August

Brechin City v Buckie Thistle





Supporters Bus Times

Destination : Brechin City

Please book Early to allow sufficient transport arrangements to be made

Date: Wednesday 11th August

Bus Leaves: Victoria Park

Depart Time: 4.45 pm

Pick Up: 

We would appreciate if all personnel can please book seat/s by at the latest for Sat games.

Bus prices: -Under 16 must be accompanied by an Adult

OAP: £

Member: £

Non /Unpaid Member £

Under 16: with an adult

For this Match please call to book your seat, please book early - contact Neil on 834210.